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Wooden Stretcher frames with Canvas

The wooden stretcher frame is made from Obeche wood and is imported.

The wood is lightweight, workability and resistance to bending or warping that makes this wood ideal for stretcher frames. Unlike pine, which is known to be unstable, Obeche’s wood has unique properties which make it ideal for the construction of large stretcher frames.


The design of the wooden stretcher frame has been designed in a very unique concept that canvas “floats” inside the stretcher frame and does not show any lines to the front of the canvas.

The thickness of the stretcher frame can vary from a standard 3cm in width to a 4cm in width, if so desired by the client.

Printing is done on a HP Latex 335 printer using a 380gsm Cotton canvas, imported from Germany, and printed with Latex ink, that is water-based and non toxic which making this ink more compliant.

Unlike solvent ink basted printing, the latex ink on the canvas does not make any marks, like finger prints, scratch marks etcetera on the canvas, which makes the end product look like a real piece of art in itself.

Canvas prints printed with solvent ink has a much shorter life span, whereas the latex ink that is printed on canvas has more than triple the life span.